Floor Safes

 Residential Floor Safes

FS4000 Floor Safe Full Size Polyethylene Floor Safes (FS Series)
When an in-floor safe is what you need, this is the one you want.  Our patented design represents one of the most dramatic departures from what has always been considered the "standard" floor safe and taken it to a new level.

S1200 Floor Safe Small Polyethylene floor safes (S Series)
The smaller cousin to our full size poly floor safes, our small polyethylene floor safes use a smaller lift-out door and body that's perfect to fit in smaller spaces or when you just don't need the capacity of a full size floor safe. 

FS12 Double Steel Floor Safe Full Size Steel Floor Safes (FS Series)
The full size steel bodied floor safes are perfect for those situations where you might want to install a floor safe into something other than concrete.  In addition, using steel allows us to make a wide variety of sizes, including extra-large capacity models to give you the room you need when you've got a lot to protect.