60 Minute Fire Protection

 We begin with a continuous sheet of 11 gauge steel and then bend, fold and shape it to   give us a body much stronger than welded sheet metal.

 Our door has drill restive hard plate and spring loaded re lockers.
 1 ¼” dia. bolts lock the door on all 4 sides with active bolts top, bottom and the leading edge.
 Dead bolts lock the hinge side to give total protection...  what else would you expect from Hayman?

 In addition to outstanding burglar resistance, the Everglades Series Gun Safe offers 1hr Certified Fire Protection.
 The body has 1” of fire board in two layers and the door has three layers or 1 ½” of protection.
 Our versatile interior allows for the storage of long guns on one side and shelf storage on the other or it can   easily be changed so you can store long guns on both sides. The Everglades is designed to truly meet your   personal needs.
 Add all this up and you have one of the best made Gun Safes available at a price you can afford.

All Everglades Gun Safes
come with a SecuRam Top Lit key pad for easy code entry in a dark closet or at night.

The Interior
on an Everglades is adjustable for side shelves or all gun, whatever you need.
The removable cover over the unused gun rack make the interior more versatile.

The New Improved
Backcover has zippered pouches, holsters and magazine holders as well as document storage at the bottom.

Three great sizes make up the entire Everglades Gun Safe Line...

OD 72"Hx42"Wx27"D
ID 68.37"Hx39.5"Wx21"D
47.25 CuFt Footprint, 921 lbs
32.82 CuFt Capacity

Locks with 10, 1.25" bolts,
Comes with a 45 gun interior

OD 59"Hx22"Wx16"D
ID 56"Hx19.12"Wx10"D
12 CuFt Footprint, 408 lbs
6.15 CuFt Capacity
Locks with 10, 1" bolts,
Comes with a 16 gun interior

Add 3" to overall outside depth for handle spoke clearance.  

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OD 59"Hx30"Wx24"D
ID 55"Hx26.25"Wx17"D
25 CuFt Footprint, 587 lbs
14.2 CuFt Capacity

Locks with 10, 1.25" bolts
Comes with a 22 gun interior