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A Message From The President 

Hayman Safe Company was established in 1971 by my father, Bill Hayman. Since its inception we have worked hard to provide you and your customers high-quality and well-designed products.

I understand that, because this is a family-owned company and each safe bears our name, our safes represent not only the company, but our family. For this reason, we make every effort to improve the quality of our safes, broaden our product line, and look for innovative and unique designs to meet the needs of our industry and the end-users of our products.

As President, and the son of Bill Hayman, I want you to be as proud to sell Hayman Safes as we are to produce them. As we grow, and as our industry changes and evolves, we at Hayman Safe Company remember that it is your business which enables our business to grow. We appreciate you!

Hayman Safe Company will always do our utmost to take care of your needs, professionally and in-person.

My sincere thanks, and may God bless each of you.

Gary D. Hayman, President