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Hayman Safe Company History

Hayman Safe Company was founded in 1971 by Bill Hayman. Located then in South FL, the company has been continuously family-owned by Bill Hayman and now by his son, Gary (both military veterans – Go Navy!) 

The company grew, and was moved in 1975 from South Florida into larger manufacturing facilities in Central Florida. 

In 1982, the first of several patents was developed. This patent was for a unique approach to a floor safe hinge, greatly facilitating flexible use of the safe.

In 1984, as the company continued to grow, it once again needed larger facilities and moved to its current location near Orlando, FL. 

Hayman Safe Company has always looked for ways to improve its products. It recognized the issue of installing a steel body floor safe into the ground, which will result in rust problems. Hayman once again came up with a novel approach to in-floor safe design – use plastic! The 2nd  patent was awarded in 1996 for a floor safe body formed from polyethylene. Of course, the door and door frame remain solid steel!! 

In 1996, Bill was ready to move on and facilitated the transfer of management of the company to his (appreciative!) son, Gary. 

In 2016 the company expanded its warehouse capacity.

In 2019 Hayman Safe Company learned that a local school district was motivated for their School Resource Officers (SROs) to store and have easy access to their long guns on all school campuses. Collaborating with law enforcement, Hayman designed and developed the Rapid Access Firearm Safe (RAFS) for Law Enforcement ONLY. The new design was tested by the SROs and subsequently installed in all of the district schools. The RAFS was redesigned for home use and marketed as the Minuteman. The RAFS and Minuteman were awarded two 2 patents in 2022. 

Once again in 2021, Hayman continued the expansion of its warehouse capacity. 

Always forward looking and innovative, Hayman Safe Company will continue to collaborate internally and with other companies and agencies to find answers to the needs of our customers.