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The Ozarks gun safe offers good protection from fire and burglary at an affordable price. This entry level gun safe has a flexible interior, is easy to move and install, and has an enhanced door thickness to protect against a forcible entry attempt. See more


The BlackHills gun safe is the feature filled option for all your gun storage needs. This upgraded design is engineered using thicker than average steel in the door and body, multi-layered fire board construction and the ability to hold more than just your firearms. The BlackHills Series will not let you down. See more


The Rockies is Hayman’s premium gun-safe line for protecting your collection. Developed and manufactured using top of the line materials and components, the Rockies outperforms its competitors at any price. A solid ½” thick steel door, formed 3/16” solid steel body and fire protection like no other, the Rockies gun safe will provide you with unprecedented security and peace of mind for generations to come. See More

A completely new approach to home protection. The multi-patented Minuteman gives you immediate access to your long gun, such as an AR15 or shotgun, handgun & flashlight. The MinuteMan is the only safe that actually removes the gun from the inside and presents it to you in a muzzle down, ready to deploy position, all while taking up no floor space in the room. Mounted in a typical 2”x4” stud wall the safe is accessed via fingerprint or a unique 6-digit code that you program into the lock. See More

Developed for the School Resource Officer Initiative

The Rapid Access Firearm Safe by HAYMAN Safe Co. allows for the safe, secure storage of long guns and tactical equipment in sensitive venues. See More